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    by Published on 01-18-2011 07:53 PM

    Be a part of the nationís largest showcase for new Asian American and Asian films! We are looking for fun, exciting and reliable VOLUNTEERS for the 29th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (SFIAAFF). This year the film festival will be held March 10-17, 2011 in San Francisco and March 18-20, 2011 in San Jose presented by the Center for Asian American Media.

    SFIAAFF volunteers help make it happen, from the box office to galas and receptions, ticket taking and driving festival guests.

    Register at www.shiftboard.com and watch out for exciting news and updates!

    Questions? Please contact Pahole Sookkasikon, Volunteer Coordinator

    e: volunteeradmin@asianamericanmedia.org
    t: 415.863.0814, ext. 118

    For more info: www.asianamericanmedia.org ...
    by Published on 01-10-2011 06:00 PM
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    I recently celebrated a birthday and it suddenly dawned on me that for nearly half of my life, and very nearly my entire adult life, I have been keeping AArisings alive. Of course, over the years things have changed and there have been times where I thought I just didn't have enough time to really put a lot into the site but thankfully volunteer writers have stepped forward to help during those busy times where I'm just not able to maintain the site as much as I would like. As I look back over the last 20+ years, I am compelled to write about the history of AArisings while still keeping it relevant and interesting in this day-and-age.

    I became conscious of being a Chinese American from a very early age and living in the San Francisco Bay Area there were many influences locally on cultural pride, such as local TV station KTVU with their "I'm proud to be a..." series highlighting being Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Mexican American. It was also a time to see some amazing local talent getting their start like Dennis Dun and Kelvin ...
    by Published on 01-05-2011 08:30 AM
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    Derek Nguyen

    This issue of the A-Profiler, Raymond Lam interviews Derek Nguyen writer and director of The Potential Wives of Norman Mao, a short film featuring George Takei (Narrator), Ed Lin, Tina Chen, Ron Nakahara, Cindy Cheung, Michelle Ang, Find out who some of Nguyen's inspirations are, why he creates films, and how he would rate his cooking skills.

    What movie/film best describes who you are?
    I canít decide. Itís either Amelie or Hannah and Her Sisters. Oh, or Casablanca. Iím usually not this indecisive!

    Whatís a more difficult challenge writing or directing?
    Definitely writing. Creating things from nothing is incredibly difficult. But I love it!

    Why choose Norman Mao as the main characters name? Is this character based off someone you know?
    Norman Maoís name just came to me when I was writing it. I liked the way it sounded. Some people have asked if there are any political implications to his name and there isnít. I just liked the way it sounded. His character was inspired by personal experience actually. There was a period of time in which my step-mother would try to set me up with all these women every time there was a family function. She was quite obvious about it and it made ...
    by Published on 12-31-2010 11:59 PM
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    From self-hatred to fierce love, I AM KOREAN AMERICAN is a spoken poem performance about how Edward Hong came to accept his Korean American identity.

    Statement from Edward Hong:
    I wrote and performed this poem because I want Korean Americans across the nation to think about what their identity means to them. While it's specific to that particular identity, this poem is ultimately about the human nature and the struggles we all face when it comes to the self-hatred that can live inside all of us. It is a reminder to accept the flaws and ugliness within ourselves and turn it into something beautiful. This is what I wish to accomplish with this poem.

    How IAKA is involved:
    When I first heard about I AM KOREAN AMERICAN two years ago, I immediately took the opportunity to see what this project was all about. After submitting ...
    by Published on 12-29-2010 07:15 PM
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    Photo by Katie Piper. Make-up & Hair by Myrian Touma. Styling by Jill Aguado & Alli Maxwell.

    This issue of the A-Profiler, Nelson Wong interviews poet and spoken word artist, Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai. Find out how she got introduced to spoken word poetry, what she would be if not a spoken word poet, and what advice she has for other artists. Catch Tsai's 2nd album Further She Wrote, produced by Black Cracker,online via her Bandcamp site where you can listen and download. Through January 2011, the album will be "Name Your Own Price" (i.e. free).

    What was your first introduction to spoken word poetry? Were you instantly drawn to it or was it something you developed a passion for over time?
    My first introduction to spoken word poetry was as a teenager. My high school English teacher used to take me and a group of my friends to the Green Mill in Chicago, where the international poetry slam movement began. A poetry slam is a competition between poets that is scored by the audience Olympic-style from 0-10. It definitely was something that I was instantly drawn to, and my passions and ...
    by Published on 12-10-2010 11:45 AM
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    Brandon likes to do everything fast. Everything. But is it possible to be...too fast?

    Brandon - Randall Park http://youtube.com/randall1
    Kelly - Jae Suh http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0837581/
    Narrator - Tay Zonday http://youtube.com/tayzonday
    Friend - Philip Wang
    Dad - Andy Au
    Young Brandon - Edgar
    Kid - Jaden Chiang

    If you have a have an Asian Pacific American project that is housed on Google Video, You Tube, or some other video service and are looking for more exposure for yourself or your project let us know about it and we will review your video for possible future feature. ...
    by Published on 11-24-2010 11:00 AM
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    A new independent 35 min feature created by Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Productions.

    EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: HigaTV and Wong Fu Productions
    DIRECTED by Wong Fu Productions (Wesley Chan, Ted Fu Philip Wang) http://youtube.com/wongfuproductions
    PRODUCED and WRITTEN by Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Productions

    If you have a have an Asian Pacific American project that is housed on Google Video, You Tube, or some other video service and are looking for more exposure for yourself or your project let us know about it and we will review your video for possible future feature. ...
    by Published on 11-17-2010 03:00 PM
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    Dedicated to my friend Sheri Chin Co -- I have finally taken the plunge to register to be a bone marrow donor. Sheri is 43, my dear friend from high school. Today, she's a strong, brave mom -- facing this cancer head on. She's just finished the chemo treatments and those nasty cancer cells are dead. The next step is that she needs a bone marrow donor.

    I hope I'm a match, but if not, maybe you will be. Please register to be a donor.

    More bone marrow drives to be scheduled! Check back.
    A call to arms, so to speak, of a different kind. Can you help? Will you help? Currently, there is a need to come together to help those of us (Asians/Pacific Islanders), who are facing life-threatening illnesses. How can you help? Read on.

    There is a National Marrow Donor Program in place to help people who need bone marrow transplants. Tut, tut, don't stop reading here; it's really painless for the most part. As you'll read below there

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