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Amazin Lethi

This A-Profiler we bring you Amazin Lethi, a body-builder, fitness guru, and businesswoman who is looking to have her empire stretch across multiple media and business platforms. Find out when Amazin started bodybuilding, what her favorite sport for eye-candy is, and what myths about eating healthy she can dispell.

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What is your ethnicity?

How did you get into body building at such a young age?
I started lifting weights at around 6 years old doing push-ups and sit-ups and using make-shift weights I made. Well basically using heavy rocks as dumbbells! My life has always been about pushing the envelope and living against the norm, it was a sport that I could do alone and one that would create a unique platform for me.

What are some myths about eating healthy?
There are so many myths about eating and bodybuilding that I think I could write a Myth book! Definitely one great myth about eating healthy is that you arenít then able to eat the food you like, and healthy food is bland and boring! The crucial rule in eating well is everything should be in moderation. If you like ice cream why not try non-fat frozen yogurt, itís ok to spoil yourself once in awhile but moderation is the key. Using herbs & spices will add flavor to any dish as well.

Another myth is that you shouldnít eat carbohydrates such as rice, bread and potatoes after 4 p.m. as youíll put on weight. If you have cut down your fat intake and have introduced regular exercise itís important to include a healthy amount of carbohydrates in your eating plan morning, noon and night. Your body needs carbohydrates to function properly. Of course you might start to put on weight if you go out and eat 5kg sack of potatoes and 3 loaves of bread all in one sitting! It doesnít come down to the fact that carbohydrates such as these are fatty itís about eating excess calories that you are not burning.

What kind of advise would you give those who would like to lose a few extra pounds?
By making very small changes to your diet it is possible to lose weight within a month. Making gradual changes to your eating plan and lifestyle will ensure steady weight-loss that gives you and your body time to adjust, as well as, creating a new healthy lifestyle that you can easily maintain for the rest of your life. Yo-Yo diets donít work as youíll rapidly lose the weight which is mainly water-loss and these types of diets are hard to maintain over a long period of time and most people gain the weight back just as fast.

If you cut out the takeaway meals, fried and sweet food and generally lower your fat intake, this will alone cut your fat intake by half which in turn decreases your calorie intake. By adding a weekly exercise routine into your lifestyle, this might only be going for a 30 walk at lunch or walking to the second train stop than the one closest to you. Lowering your fat calorie intake and increasing your metabolism through exercise will ensure steady weight-loss of a few extra pounds.

Whatís more difficult to do: training Olympic athletes or studying martial arts and weapons?
Itís not so much one is more difficult than the other both require discipline and dedication. I enjoy a challenge and both give me that in entirely different ways. Iíve trained Olympic athletes, Special Forces, army and various celebrities the difference with training with humans compared to studying an art form is that humans are changing continuously so at any given moment you have to adapt to their environment. When I do knife training in self-defense that knife isnít suddenly going to change mid-way into a gun or a piece of wood, itís static and predictable. Of course if Iím training in martial arts with someone then the environment becomes fluid though itís still not as scientific as training Olympic athletes.

Iíve enjoyed the challenge with elite athletes; itís a scientific art form that needs to be spot on every time. You are not just dealing with the athlete but also with all their other coaches as well as the sport itself. For example when Iíve trained swimmers, you also need to sit and analysis their stroke on the computer and adapt an exact training routine that will give them the edge not just by seconds but by minuet seconds that will be the difference between 1st and 2nd. Both forms of training whether it be with Olympic athletes or studying martial arts require you to align yourself with the internal and external forces that may challenge and push your limits.

Free-Weight TrainingWhat are you currently working on?
I have a new book out called Free Weights Training My books can be viewed through www.amazon.com and Iím already working on developing my next range of books across health & fitness and other genres. Iím also the "Fitness Guru" for the first 24/7 Asian American TV Network ImaginAsian based in New York. My features on the channel newsletter "ialink" attract a readership of over 10 million a month. Iím also in development of numerous projects with the channel as well. You can view me via www.iatv.tv.

Iím also working on some very exciting health & fitness projects that will be launched in the US in 2008. On top of all this Iím involved in numerous TV and film projects that will also have merchandising attached to it such as books/CDís.

Iím currently collaborating with my friend Toan Nguyen who happens to be a famous fashion designer in Vietnam with already a very successful label BombyxDesign and a showroom in Hanoi. Iím developing numerous fashion projects with Toan in the US, Europe and of course in Vietnam, www.bombyxdesign.com.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?
A global multi-faceted Amazin Lethi Empire that stretches across multiple media and business platforms.

Is the fitness industry very competitive? Is there a strong Asian representation in the fitness world?
Like any sport there is competitiveness in the fitness industry. Though in the end it comes down to what kind of person you are in an individual level, some athletes are great at their sport but donít have the drive and dedication to extend beyond their own ability. Iím extremely competitive and Iím always extending outside my boundary that is the only way that one is able to continue growing.

There is not a very strong Asian presence in the fitness world. Bodybuilding for very long time hasnít been seen as a career path for many and particularly for Asian women. I hope that by breaking down the stigma of a seemingly unconventional career choice I will inspire the young Asian-American athletes of tomorrow to feel like they have the opportunity to reach their potential. Iím involved in numerous projects in the US and developing programs that will give the next generation of Asian-Americans an outlet whereby they are able to choose sport alongside their educational needs as a career path to success.

Many other communities are given the opportunity through sports academies and training programs to achieve success and now there needs to be a greater emphasis to give these same opportunities to the Asian American community.

What kind of sports do you enjoy doing? Is there an activity you least enjoy?
Iím very eclectic in my taste. Every season is exciting as it means a different kind of sport. In winter I enjoy ice-skating and skiing, in summer I love to surf, do various other water sports and go hiking. All year round outside of bodybuilding and my usual sports such as martial arts and yoga, I also enjoy rock climbing, tennis, squash, table tennis, golf, bike-riding and horse riding. Strangely enough I enjoy most water sports but I dislike swimming and youíll never see me play cricket but I do like a good game of softball. I do love to watch WWE, that is the one sport for my eyeballs..LOL

Amazin LethiIs there a sport out there that you havenít conquered yet?
Wrestling!! Itís the one of the few sports I just have no desire to participate in. I think Iím more of a Karate chop kinda girl.

How would you describe yourself using exercise terminology?
Pumping, Karate Chop!

Growing up who was your biggest influence?
I never had anyone who was a big influence on my life or a mentor as such; my relationship with God gave me the strength to search within myself to continue to believe in my dreams.

What means the most to you?
Friendship, happiness, culture

Can you tell me the best Pho place youíve ever eaten at?
The Pho from my own kitchen.

Tell me what is one of your guilty food pleasures?
Chocolate, pastries and fish & chips. I was born with a sweet and savory tooth. I enjoy the time that I spend in Paris as French food fulfills all my guilty food pleasures.

Thanks for speaking with aarising.com do you have something special you want to leave your fans with?
"We are all born with the necessary tools for greatness in this world. Our mind is limitless beyond the boundaries of the world that we live in. It is only in the limitation in the belief in our self that stops us from achieving what we think is the impossible. Everything is possible we just need to first believe it to be so."

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Amazin Lethi

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